Adjust timeout options
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Adjust timeout options

Timeout determines what Locker will do after a specific time of inactivity. There are two Timeout options:

  • Lock: You can unlock your device with biometrics if you have enabled biometrics login in the Settings.

Users can also adjust the timeout length. Note that the timeout length options are a bit different between the web vault and app.

  • Web Vault
  • Mobile

See how to adjust timeout options below.

Web Vault
  1. In your Web Vault, open the Settings page.
  1. Click on the Options tab.
  1. Scroll to see the Timeout and Timeout Action section.
  1. Choose your desired timeout length and timeout action.
Notes: There are unique timeout scenarios in Web vault as follows.
  1. Open the Settings tab in your Menu.
  1. Scroll to the Security section.
  1. Tap on Timeout and Timeout action.
  1. Select your desired section.
Last updated on Mar 22, 2022
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