Auto-fill logins on Android
Auto-fill logins on Android

Auto-fill is the key feature that helps you enjoy a secure and seamless internet experience. Once you save any logins, Locker will automatically detect the Vault item linked to that service and fill out the credentials for you.

Auto-fill on Android is available on devices running Android 8+.

Enable Auto-fill

To enable the autofill service on your Android devices:

  1. Open Locker app on your Android device.
  1. Tap Menu > Auto-fill Service.
  1. Toggle the Android Auto-fill option. You will be automatically redirected to the Android Accessibility menu.
  1. Select Locker from the Autofill service. A small window will pop up to confirm you trust Locker. Tap OK.

You have enabled Locker auto-fill service on your Android.

Enable Auto-fill on Xiaomi devices

Locker needs additional permission to properly work on your Xiaomi phone.

To allow Locker to autofill credentials on Xiaomi:

  1. Open MIUI Security app Settings.
  1. Select Permissions > Auto-start.
  1. Tap Locker.

In addition, you will need permit Locker to display pop-up windows.

  1. Open MIUI Security app Settings.
  1. Tap Apps > Manage apps.
  1. Scroll to find Locker app on the list and tap on it > Other permissions.
  1. Toggle the setting Display pop-up windows while running in the background.

Now you have enabled Locker Auto-fill service on you Xiaomi devices.

Use Auto-fill

Once enabled, Locker will help you seamlessly log in to supported websites and apps by populating your matching login credentials.

  1. Sign in to Locker on your device.
  1. Open an app or website that you have saved credentials.
  1. Tap anywhere within the login field, and you can see a pop-up Locker Password Manager appearing under the field.
  1. Tap on the matching credentials to auto-fill to access that app or website.
Last updated on Apr 18, 2022
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