Getting Started
Getting Started

Locker not only saves and fills passwords, but also protects your online security.

What is Locker?

Locker is a password manager, which is basically a tool that helps individuals and businesses securely store and manage all of their login credentials. We encrypt your passwords with end-to-end-encryption, military-grade AES-256 encryption, and zero-knowledge architecture to ensure maximum security. Simply put, we make sure you are the only one to have access to your vault of sensitive data.

Locker offers more than just password management. In fact, Locker is packed with several features to enhance your online security, from password health checker, dark web scanner to password generator, etc.

1. Create a new account

Begin your password management journey by registering a new account in Locker. Sign up on or click here.

Note: You are signing up for a CyStack account, which means you are able to access all available services at CyStack with that account. See our services here.

Fill out all the required fields in the form and select Sign Up to create your account.

You will receive an email to confirm your account. After that, you are ready to get Locker on your devices.

Tips: You can register an account using Google, Facebook, or GitHub.

2. Install Locker

Download Locker on your devices to have a seamless and secure experience. Access, save, sync, and log in automatically anywhere, anytime.

3. Create a Master Password

When you log in to Locker for the first time, you are required to create a Master Password. It is the key to decrypt data to your vault, and also the only password you have to remember.

To create a Master Password for your account:

  1. Choose a strong Master Password that you can remember. Your Master Password should be strong, unique, and complex to protect your sensitive data.
  1. Re-enter your Master Password to confirm.
Important: Locker cannot view, store, or re-issue your Master Password in case you forget or lose it.
  1. Set up a Master Password hint.
    1. A Master Password hint is a reminder that will help you remember your Master Password. Setting up a hint is optional, but we strongly recommend one as it will be useful when you forget your Master Password.

If you happen to forget your Master Password, you can request Locker to send the Master Password hint via email.

See more about Master Password.

4. Get started with Locker

Unlock your vault with the Master Password you have just created. Now you can start using Locker on your device to save and fill login credentials.

Locker offers more than just saving passwords. Discover all of our features here.

Last updated on Jun 10, 2022
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