Import & Export data
Import & Export data

Migrating from another password management solution to Locker and vice versa is effortless as Locker allows importing and exporting data with ease.

Import your passwords to Locker

Locker allows users to import data to your Locker vault so that you can easily switch from another password management solution to Locker.

We prepare some articles for importing from the most popular solutions below:

Import to your Locker vault

Data can be imported to Locker from the web vault or mobile devices. To import your data:

Web Vault
  1. Open Locker on your browser.
  1. Select Settings > Options.
  1. Scroll down to the Import section.
  1. Select the format of the import file from the drop-down menu.
  1. Click Choose File and upload the import file on your device, or paste the import file contents in the underneath blank section.
  1. Click Import.

Your login credentials have been successfully imported from Google Chrome to Locker vault.

Mobile Devices
  1. Open Locker app.
  1. Tap Menu > Settings > Import Data.
  1. Tap Format to select the right format of your import file.
  1. Tap Select File to upload the import file to the system.
  1. Tap Import Data.
Note: After successful import, you should delete the data export file in your computer to ensure your data is safe should your computer be compromised.

Export your passwords from Locker

You can export your vault data from the Locker web vault or on mobile devices. Exports can be downloaded as plaintext .json or .csv.

Vault exports will not include items in the Trash.

Note: Do not store or send the exported file over insecure channels.

To export your personal data from the web vault:

  1. Click Settings on the sidebar.
  1. On the Settings page, select Options.
  1. Scroll to the Export section and select the file format you would like to export the vault data to.
  1. Enter your Master Password to proceed.
  1. Click Confirm to complete the export.
Last updated on Jun 21, 2023
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