Set up Locker account
Set up Locker account

Looking for something to secure your passwords, automatically fill in credentials, or simply give peace of mind when surfing the Internet? Well, Locker is the solution to all your needs, and what’s left to do is to get your Locker account ready.

1. Install Locker

Locker is available on both mobile and desktop, and it has a browser extension that works well on Chrome, Safari, and Firefox too.

You can download and install Locker in just minutes via the link below.

2. Create your Master Password

Fill in all required fields to register a new account in Locker and create your Master Password.

Master Password is the primary key to log in to your vault, so make sure you come up with the strongest combination of characters possible. Here are something that makes a password hard to crack:

  • A minimum of 12 characters
  • No identifiable personal information (family names, birthdays, street addresses)
  • Upper case, lower case, and special characters

Found it hard? Our strong password generator may help you out in this case.

3. Log in to Locker

Log in to Locker with the Master Password you have just created.

4. Enable biometric authentication

Turn on biometric authentication so that you don’t need to enter your Master Password to login the next time.

Biometrics logins are available for Android via face unlock or fingerprint unlock, and for iOS via Face ID and Touch ID.

To enable Unlock with Biometrics for Locker in your mobile devices:

  • Open the Settings tab in the Menu.
  • Scroll down to the Security section and turn on Unlock with Face ID/ Touch ID (iOS).

Then, you will be able to unlock Locker using the biometric method that your device supports.

5. Turn on autofill

With autofill enabled, once you save any logins, Locker will automatically detect the Vault item linked to that service and fill out the credentials for you.

Locker supports autofill on all its platforms. Turn on autofill to enjoy a secure and seamless Internet experience.

6. Enable two-factor authentication (2FA)

Create an additional layer of security by setting up 2FA for your Locker account. To enable 2FA for Locker:

You’re all set! Let’s begin your journey towards data protection and privacy with Locker now.

Make the most out of Locker by exploring the Locker Vault, setting up Emergency Access, and enabling Data Breach Scanner.

There’s more to Locker than you expect! Learn more about how Locker makes your digital life easier.

Last updated on Sep 23, 2022
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