Set up Locker account with a passkey
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Set up Locker account with a passkey

A Locker account can be created using a passkey (Face, Fingerprint, or Device PIN) instead of a password. Learn more about passkeys.

Create a Locker account with a passkey on web app

Follow the following steps to create an account with a passkey:

  1. Go to on web browser
  1. On the registration form, enter the email you would like to sign up for Locker and personal information
  1. Click the button Sign up with a passkey
  1. You will see a popup appear, requesting you to create a passkey. Choose the available option that you want to create the passkey with.
    1. For example, on Windows 10 or above, you can create a passkey with Windows Hello, a security key, or use another phone or tablet.

  1. There will be a verification link sent to your email address > Open your email and click on the link.
  1. Create your Master Password Master Password is the primary key to log in to your vault, so make sure you come up with the strongest combination of characters possible.

Now, you are all set! Try to log in to your account using your passkey.

Last updated on Jul 24, 2023
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