Unlock with Biometrics
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Unlock with Biometrics

Enable biometrics to access your vault without entering the master password.

Unlock Vs. Log In

Logging in to Locker requires a CyStack account. See how to create an account here.

Once you are logged in, the system will save your credentials in one month so that you do not have to log in again during that time.

Unlocking will decrypt your data in the vault. You need to log in first, then enter your Master Password to unlock the vault. Enabling Unlock with Biometrics will allow you to unlock without having to enter the Master Password.

Enable Unlock with Biometrics

Biometrics logins are available for Android via face unlock or fingerprint unlock, and for iOS via Face ID and Touch ID.

Note: When your device supports both Touch ID and Face ID, Locker will automatically choose Face ID over Touch ID.

To enable Unlock with Biometrics for Locker in your mobile devices.

  1. Open the Settings tab in Menu.
  1. Scroll down to the Security section and turn on Unlock with Face ID/ Touch ID (iOS).

Then, you will be able to unlock Locker using the biometric method that your device supports.

Last updated on Mar 24, 2022
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