What is Locker?
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What is Locker?

Locker is a cross-platform password manager that helps you store your logins, payment cards, notes, identities, and crypto wallets in an encrypted, secure vault. There are also other useful features to simply and enhance your password security.

  1. Who is behind Locker? Locker is a product of CyStack - a leading information technology and cybersecurity company based in Vietnam. Find out more about CyStack here.
  1. Why should I use a standalone password manager? Standalone password managers are a more capable alternative to traditional password management solutions. They use more powerful encryption, work cross-platform, and come with add-ons that default password-saving tools in Google Chrome or Apple Keychain fail to offer.
  1. What makes Locker different from other password managers? Locker allows users to store and autofill crypto wallets quickly and securely - an essential feature for traders given the rise of cyber attacks and scams in the cryptocurrency market. In addition, Locker comes at a highly competitive price with tons of free features. Using Locker is definitely a bargain for security.
  1. Is Locker free to use? Absolutely! Locker is 100% free to use without any hidden fees.
  1. What plans does Locker offer? Locker offers three plans, including Free, Premium, and Families. See more about our plans here.
  1. In what languages is Locker available? Locker is currently available in English and Vietnamese.
  1. On what platforms can I use Locker? Locker is supported on the main desktop and mobile platforms: - Windows - MacOS - iOS - Android And all major browsers: - Safari - Edge - Chrome - Firefox - Brave
  1. Does Locker run on a desktop? Not at the moment. For the time being, Locker only works on mobile and web browsers.
Last updated on Jul 7, 2022
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