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Locker Secret NodeJS SDK

The Locker Secret NodeJS SDK provides convenient access to the Locker Secret API from applications written in the JavaScript language. It includes a pre-defined set of classes for API resources that initialize themselves dynamically from API responses which makes it compatible with a wide range of versions of the Locker Secret API.

The Developer - CyStack

The Locker Secret NodeJS SDK is developed by CyStack, one of the leading cybersecurity companies in Vietnam. CyStack is a member of Vietnam Information Security Association (VNISA) and Vietnam Association of CyberSecurity Product Development. CyStack is a partner providing security solutions and services for many large domestic and international enterprises.

CyStack’s research has been featured at the world’s top security events such as BlackHat USA (USA), BlackHat Asia (Singapore), T2Fi (Finland), XCon - XFocus (China)… CyStack experts have been honored by global corporations such as Microsoft, Dell, Deloitte, D-link…


The documentation will be updated later.


  • Node 12+


Install from npm:

npm install -S locker-secrets

Install from yarn:

yarn add locker-secrets


Set up access key

The SDK needs to be configured with your access key which is available in your Locker Secret Dashboard. Initialize the accessKeyId and accessKeySecret to their value. You also need to set apiBase value (default is

If you need to set your custom headers, you can set the headers value in the params:

import { Locker } from 'locker-secrets'

const locker = new Locker({
  accessKeyId: '<your access key id>',
  accessKeySecret: '<your access key secret>',
  apiBase: '<your api base>',
  // optional
  headers: {
    '<header name>': '<value>'

Now, you can use SDK to get or set values:

// Get list secrets quickly
const secrets = await locker.list()
// or
const secrets = locker.listSync()

// Get a secret value by secret key
// Replace 'ENVIRONMENT' with null or undefined for the enviroment ALL
const secretValue1 = await locker.get('SECRET_NAME_1')
const secretValue2 = await locker.get('SECRET_NAME_2', 'ENVIRONMENT')
const secretValue3 = await locker.get('SECRET_NAME_3', 'ENVIRONMENT', 'default value')
// or
const secretValue3 = locker.getSync('SECRET_NAME_3', 'ENVIRONMENT', 'default value')

// Create new secret
const secret = await locker.create({
  key: 'key',
  value: 'value',
  environmentName: 'environmentName'

// Update secret
const secret = await locker.modify('SECRET', 'ENVIRONMENT', {
  value: 'value',
  environmentName: 'environmentName'

// List environments
const environments = await locker.listEnvironments()
// or
const environments = locker.listEnvironmentsSync()

// Get an environment object by name
const environment = await locker.getEnvironment('prod')
// or
const environment = locker.getEnvironmentSync('prod')

# Create new environment
const newEnvironment = await locker.createEnvironment({
  name: 'name',
  externalUrl: 'externalUrl'

# Update an environment by name
const environment = await locker.modifyEnvironment("name", {
  externalUrl: 'new value',


The library can be configured to emit logging that will give you better insight into what it’s doing. There are some levels: NONE (0), ERROR (1), DEBUG (2). Set the logging level when creating a Locker instance to enabling it:

const locker = new Locker({
  // ...
  logLevel: 1  // default is ERROR


Install required packages.

npm install

Run tests

Create a .env file with required access keys (refer to .env.example)

To run all tests, use:

npm test

Run some tests only, please update mocharc.js:

ignore: [
  // './tests/index.spec.ts', // Comment the file you want to test

Reporting security issues

We take the security and our users’ trust very seriously. If you found a security issue in Locker SDK Python, please report the issue by contacting us at [email protected]. Do not file an issue on the tracker.


Please check CONTRIBUTING before making a contribution.

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