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Locker General

Everything you need to get started with Locker.

Secure Your Data with Locker

Secure Your Data with Locker: Protect What Matters Most.

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Locker General

Everything you need to get started with Locker.

Overview about Locker

Locker is an open-source software designed by developers of CyStack., JSC, a leading cybersecurity company in Vietnam. Locker provides three solutions: Password Manager, Private Email Service, and Secrets Manager, which focus on protecting online users from cyber threats and elevating a seamless Internet experience for anyone: both individual and business users.

Get Started

General instructions to manage your Locker account and keep your data secure.

Feedback about Locker

Our Locker team always wants to hear from you to improve our service.

About Customer Support

Our Locker’s Support team is always available whenever you need our assistance. If you have any questions or concerns about a product, you may find several ways to get help.

Supported languages

Locker provides services in two languages and is going to support multiple languages. The languages that are currently supported include: English and Vietnamese.

Set up a Locker account

Looking for something to secure your passwords, automatically fill in credentials, or simply give peace of mind when surfing the Internet? Well, Locker is the solution to all your needs, and what’s left to do is to get your Locker account ready.

Delete Locker account

Deleting your Locker account means deleting all your data in Vault, and you can no more log in to your account.

Back up and restore your Locker data

Your data in Locker Vault is backed up regularly on our server. You can also manually export your data to back up the current version.


Summary of recent changes, enhancements and bug fixes in 2023.


Summary of recent changes, enhancements and bug fixes in 2022.

Security for Locker account

Learn how to keep your Locker account safe.

2FA for Locker account

Create an additional layer of security for your Locker account by setting up 2FA. Follow these steps to enable 2FA for Locker:

2FA via Email

This article shows how to set up 2FA via Email

2FA via Authenticator App

This article shows how to set up 2FA via Authenticator App

Set up Emergency Access

The Emergency Access feature allows you to grant other Locker users the authority to access your data vault in emergency cases.

Accept an Emergency Access Invitation

When you are granted as a trusted contact by other Locker users, you will receive a notification via email. Go to the web app to manage the invitation.

Log out of all devices

Locker Password Manager allows you to manage your login sessions on different devices and browsers via the web app.

Login & Unlock

Supported methods for login and unlock in Locker.

Why does Locker have two passwords?

If you have already signed up for a Locker account, you may notice that Locker requires both a Password and a Master Password for your account.

What are passkeys? How to create passkeys with Locker?

Passkeys are a replacement for passwords. A password is something that can be remembered and typed, and a passkey is a private-public key pair stored on one’s devices, unlocked with biometrics or a device PIN.

Use FIDO2 security keys to replace MFA methods

In Locker, there is no option to set up 2FA with a FIDO2 security key. Instead, security keys are used as a login method (passkeys), in which you can use a FIDO2 key to replace both password and 2FA method.

Log in to Locker with a passkey

After creating a Locker account with a passkey, or adding multiple passkeys to your account, you can simplify your login process by using your passkeys instead of your password.

What is Master Password

Your Master Password is the primary key to your vault. It is the ONLY password you have to remember, and you are the ONLY one to know your master password.

I forgot my Master Password

Locker works on the basis of zero-knowledge architecture to ensure you are the ONLY person to know your master password.

Unlock with Master Password

Master password is the only decrypted key to unlock your Locker account. When creating a Locker account, you are required to create a master password. You can also change your master password after that.

Unlock with Biometrics

Enable biometrics to access your vault on Locker mobile app without entering the master password.

Adjust timeout options

Timeout determines what Locker will do after a specific time of inactivity. There are two Timeout options:

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