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Home Locker General Release Notes Locker Password Manager 2024 January
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Platform: Mobile app (Android, iOS)

Version number: 1.48

What’s new

  • Bug fixed and improvement: Autofill feature in Android devices.

Platform: Web browser

What’s new

  • Improvement in the sharing feature. Now business users can share a folder to a group of users.

Platform: Chrome Extension

Version number: 3.0.30

What’s new

  • Bug fixed:
    • When logging in for the first time on a Chrome profile, the data in the vault is displayed as empty.
    • The Folder tab does not show the folders that the user has shared or been shared with.
  • Improvement: Display a search bar for OTP codes in the autofill dialog.

Platform: Firefox Add-on

Version number: 2.0.12

What’s new

  • Bug fixed:
    • Scanning QR code to set up a new 2FA code doesn’t work.
    • Not showing shared items.
    • Failed to display the 2FA verification screen in login process.
    • The timeout option as Browser reload doesn’t work properly.
    • The auto-save popup window doesn’t allow users to save login credentials.
    • Users are unable to click to fill OTP codes from the autofill popup window.
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