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Home Locker General Release Notes Locker Password Manager 2024 June
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Platform: Web app

What’s new

  • Introducing New User Interface 🎉
  • Fixing an issue that resulted in the Vault randomly being blank.

Platform: Mobile App (iOS, Android)

Version number: 1.56

What’s new

  • Introducing new feature: Password History. Users now can view old passwords of any password item as they update it.
  • Bug fixed:
    • On iOS: Logging in with a security key doesn’t work.
    • On Android: An issue causing Locker to crash after users autosave a set of login credentials on a third-party browser or app.

Platform: Chrome Extension

Version number: 3.0.48

What’s new

  • Bug fixed:
    • Not saving the sub-domain when typing in an URL at the Excluded domain tab.
    • Vault not synchronizing immediately after user update data.
    • Autofill doesn’t work on some websites.

Platform: Desktop App

Version number: 2.0.18

What’s new

  • Bug fixed:
    • The Settings tab is blank.
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