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Home Locker General Release Notes Locker Password Manager 2023 July
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Platform: Web Browser

What’s new

  • Introducing passkeys - a new login method. Users can now simplify their login flow by using biometrics, device PIN, or a security key instead of a password and a 2FA method.
  • Revamping the signup and login screen to boost usability and user experience.
  • Bug fixed: Not updating the item list immediately after deleting items.

Platform: Chrome Extension

Version number: 3.0.02

Locker’s MV3 Web Extension is now available on Chrome Web Store.

We finished the migration process from Manifest V2 to Manifest V3 for our extension. This transition involves updating and adapting our extension code to align with the newest version of the Chrome Extensions platform. Migrating to Manifest V3 allows us to take advantage of enhanced features, improved security measures, and better performance optimizations offered by the latest platform version. By making this migration, we aim to provide our users with a more seamless and robust experience while ensuring compatibility with the evolving Chrome ecosystem.

What’s new

  • Introducing OTP (One-Time Password) as a new field for passwords. Users can now synchronize their accounts with the 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) method.
  • Introducing OTP autofill function. OTPs synchronized with passwords can be automatically filled when users log in to sites.
  • Excluded domain function: Users can now add any domain directly on the extension to disable autofill for that domain.
  • Continuously improving autofill function to bring a more seamless user experience.
  • Introducing the new Folder tab, revamping UI including category filter, search bar and so on to search and manage items more effectively.
  • Revamping the Login screens to improve usability and visual appeal.
  • Bug fixed: Retaining last generated password; retaining forms and tabs when temporarily closing extension.

Platform: Mobile app (iOS, Android)

Version number: 1.33

What’s new

  • Enhance the user interface (UI) for easily managing expired Quick-shared items.
  • Restore biometric authentication functionality after logging out and logging back in.
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