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Home Locker General Release Notes Locker Password Manager 2024 March
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Platform: Chrome Extension

Version number: 3.0.38

What’s new

  • Improvement in the autofill feature. Users can now customize the settings to be more convenient and adaptable to their needs:
    • Change the logic for displaying the autofill menu and autosave form.
    • Update the logic for autofill options and user interface of autofill settings.
  • Bug fixed:
    • The autosaving popup keeps flashing multiple times.
    • The auto-saving popup displays a different language from the extension language setting.

Platform: Mobile app (iOS, Android)

Version number: 1.52

What’s new

  • Improvements in the autofill service:
    • Detecting domains to autofill.
    • Revamping the autofill UI: suggesting different domain names for users to search for the appropriate login credentials.
    • On iOS: users can now create login credentials or generate strong passwords in the autofill screen, allowing seamless completion of account registration and storing passwords in Locker.

Platform: Web browser

What’s new

  • Bug fixed:
    • Password policies are not displayed correctly in the business users’ vault.
    • Crypto backup sharing: When a user shares a crypto backup, the crypto’s information is automatically generated in the note field.
  • Improvement in passkeys: Detects the device users used to create their passkey and displays the corresponding passkey option when users log in to Locker.
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