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Why does Locker have two passwords?

If you have already signed up for a Locker account, you may notice that Locker requires both a Password and a Master Password for your account.

Your email and password are used to identify your login in the Locker system. If you lose this password, you can reset it anytime.

However, this password is not equipped with any encryption algorithm to protect your data properly. That’s why there is the second, but most important password, the so-called Master Password.

Your Master Password is the only key to encrypt and decrypt the confidential data in your Locker Vault. Without it, no one, even Locker can gain access to your data. You MUST NOT forget your Master Password, or share it publicly to prevent data loss.

Acknowledging the complexity our users may encounter with the two passwords, Locker has developed alternative methods to simplify your login flow but still ensure security.

Alternatives to password

  • Social accounts: You can sign up for Locker service with an existing Google account, Facebook account, Apple account, or GitHub account. Then create a Master Password to protect your data.
  • Passkeys: Passkeys use your face, fingerprint, or PIN on your device to log in to your account. Instead of using a password, you simply log in with your biometrics or device PIN. Then create a Master Password to protect your data.

Alternative to Master Password

You MUST NOT lose or forget your Master Password. But on the Locker mobile app, you can set up Biometrics Unlock to access your Locker account more conveniently.

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