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Home Locker General Release Notes Locker Password Manager 2023 February
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Platform: iOS, Android, Firefox Extension

Version number: 1.28; 1.20.1

What’s new

We’re excited to announce the update of Locker as a full-fledged password manager. Locker offers all that you need to manage your passwords with ease:

  • Add Sharing for group features on the mobile app - Users now can share item(s) for a group of users (only for Business Users);
  • Besides Password, Secure Note, Card, Crypto Backup and Identitiy as the current item types, we provide some new ones, which are Driver's license, Citizen ID, Social Security Number, Wireless Router, Server, Passport, API and Database. These new item types will be implemented in other platforms shortly.
  • Locker extension is now available on Firefox browser add-ons.
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