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Overview about Locker

Locker is an open-source software designed by developers of CyStack., JSC, a leading cybersecurity company in Vietnam. Locker provides three solutions: Password Manager, Private Email Service, and Secrets Manager, which focus on protecting online users from cyber threats and elevating a seamless Internet experience for anyone: both individual and business users.

Locker is protected with world-class encryption algorithms, along with zero-knowledge protocol. The combination makes users’ data uncrackable.

Locker Password Manager

The Password Manager is the first-born product of the Locker brand. Locker Password Manager provides tools to manage and secure passwords and other confidential data effectively while simplifying your online life with the autofill service and more add-on features.

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Maily Private Email Service

Maily is the first private email service integrated within a password manager - Locker. With Maily, not only can you sign up for different online services more easily with email aliases, but you also protect your true email address, preventing identity breaches, fishing, and other cyber risks.

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Locker Secrets Manager

Database secrets are important data that require a separate security tool to manage and optimize access and use. Locker Secrets Manager helps software developers store and access secrets in a centralized and encrypted way to enhance their use in the development cycle.

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Open Source

Open-source Locker allows anyone to access, alter, and enhance its source code. We encourage community involvement and value feedback in order to continually improve and refine the app.

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The all-in-one software allows users to register for and manage exclusive only one account to take advantage of all Locker services. Simply sign up here and explore what Locker offers!

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