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Log in using a QR code to the mobile app

Users can log in to their account on the mobile device by scanning a QR code from the web app or desktop app. This method eliminates the needs for the account password.

  1. On the Locker desktop app or web browser, open Settings > Security > Passwordless login on mobile. Click on the Scan QR code button.
  1. Open the Login screen on the Locker mobile application.
  1. Enter Email/Username and click the Continue button.
  1. The mobile screen will display a 6-digit OTP code. Enter this OTP code into the desktop app and click Continue.
  1. A QR code will appear on the desktop app. On your phone, press the Continue button and scan the QR code on the screen.
  1. Logging in successfully, you will be directed to your vault.
After successfully logging in, you will see the mobile app asking to use FaceID/TouchID to log in from next time. Turn on FaceID/TouchID to log in faster.
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