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What is Master Password

What is Master Password?

Your Master Password is the primary key to your vault. It is the ONLY password you have to remember, and you are the ONLY one to know your master password.

A master password should be strong enough to protect your vault. It should include at least 12 letters and contains special symbols.

Can’t think of a strong password? Use our Password generator tool.

Worrying about forgetting your master password? Try the following tips.

  • Set up a password hint. Once requested, Locker will send you an email with the Master Password hint to help you retrieve your memory.
  • Add a trusted emergency contact. Premium users can grant access to a trusted account in case of emergency. See more at Premium plan.

Change Master Password

As long as you remember your current master password, you can change it whenever you want.

Web Vault
  1. In your web vault, click Settings on the sidebar.
  1. On the Account page, click on the Change your password option next to the Edit profile button.
  1. You will be navigated to a new page to change your password.
  1. Enter your current password, new password and confirm your new password.
  1. Click Save changes to finish changing your password.
Mobile Devices
  1. In your Locker app, tap the Menu button at the right corner of the homepage.
  1. Click Settings.
  1. On the Account section, tap Change Master Password.
  1. Enter your current password, new password and confirm your new password.
  1. Select the Save button.

You will automatically log out of the current session when you change your master password.

Forgot your Master Password?

See what to do when you forgot your Master Password

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