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Autofill logins from Extensions

Auto-fill is the key feature that helps you enjoy a secure and seamless internet experience. Once you save any login, Locker will automatically detect the Vault item linked to that service and fill out the credentials for you.

Add Passwords As You Browse

You can add passwords to your vault via Locker browser extensions in several ways - while logging in to a website, signing up for a new account, or adding directly within the extension.

See how to add passwords as you browse here:

While logging in to a site

  1. Navigate to your desired site.
  1. Enter your username and password for that site and proceed to finish the login process.
  1. Locker will suggest saving these credentials to your vault. When prompted, click Yes to add the site entry as a new item.

While signing up for a new online account

  1. Navigate to your desired site.
  1. Fill in all the required fields to register a new account. You can use a strong password suggested by Locker. Click the Locker icon next to the password input field and choose Password Generator.
  1. Proceed to log in as the new account.
  1. Locker will suggest saving these credentials to your vault. On the pop-up window of the extension, click Add to add the site entry as a new item.

Auto-fill Passwords

If you have saved login credentials for a website, Locker will log you in automatically depending on your settings.

To autofill with Locker on a specific site:

  1. Click anywhere within the login field. Locker will display a drop-down list of matching credentials for that site.
Note: The drop-down list will be empty if you have no credentials saved for that site.
  1. Click on the credentials you want to fill in, and Locker will autofill the username and password to log you in.

You can also go to any website from Locker extensions or web app, and have Locker log you in automatically. Just click the Open website button of the password saved in the Vault to go to the corresponding site.

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