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Autofill logins on iOS

The instructions below are for Apple devices running iOS 12 or later.

Enable Auto-fill

  1. On your iOS device, open Settings > Password. If prompted, you need to verify your identity with PIN, Touch ID or Face ID to access Passwords.
  1. Tap Password Options.
  1. Toggle Auto-fill Passwords on.
  1. Tap Locker to enable auto-fill with Locker.
Note: It is highly recommended to de-select Keychain and any other Auto-fill service in the Allow Filling From list before proceeding.

You are now all set to use auto-fill with Locker.

Use Auto-fill

Once Autofill is enabled, Locker will help you seamlessly log in to supported websites and apps by populating your matching login credentials.

  1. Sign in to Locker on your iOS device.
  1. Open any app or website that you have saved credentials.
  1. Tap anywhere within the login field, and click the Password option appearing on the keyboard.
Note: You can tap the Key icon on the keyboard to open Locker to select another set of login credentials.
  1. You will be prompted to verify your login in Locker via PIN, Face ID, Touch ID or Master Password.
    1. See how to unlock Locker via biometrics here.

  1. Locker will auto-fill the passwords. You just need to complete the login process to sign in to your account.
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