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Excluded URLs

Excluded URLs or excluded domains are URLs of any website that you want to block the autofill from Locker. You can disable autofill on the Locker extension, or right on one page of any website.

On the Locker extension

Disable autofill for a site

  1. Open the Settings tab. Then click the Excluded Domains option.
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  1. Click the Plus button. On the popup that appears, enter the URL of the website you want to disable autofill.
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  1. Click Add. The URL will appear on the Excluded URLs list.

Re-enable autofill for a site

To re-enable autofill for the website that you have added to the list, simply click the Delete button next to the URL.

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Disable directly from a website

Disable autofill

While you are browsing any website, you can disable autofill for that site if you wish. Below displays an example of disabling autofill on

  1. On the sign-up or login form, click the Locker favicon next to any input field.
  1. On the popup that appears, choose the Turn off for this page option.
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  1. Turn autofill off successfully! Your data will not be auto-filled in this site until you re-enable again.

Re-enable autofill

To re-enable autofill for any website, simply click the Locker favicon > click the Turn On button.

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