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Prioritize an account for autofill

If you have more than one account for a website, you can mark favorite accounts that should be preferred for autofill. So when you visit the website, Locker will prioritize filling in the information for these specified accounts first, making the login process more convenient and efficient.

Note: This feature is currently available on the Locker extension.

Mark favorite accounts on the Locker Extension

  1. Open the Locker extension.
  1. Hover over the account you want to mark as favorite, then click the three-dot icon respective to that account.
  1. Choose the Edit option on the dropdown list.
    1. Notion image
  1. On the Edit form, toggle on the Mark favorite option > the click Save.
    1. Notion image
  1. When you visit the website for which that account is used, you will see the account you marked as favorite being autofilled, or appear on the top of the account list for that website.
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Mark favorite accounts on a website

  1. Visit any website for which you have saved login credentials in Locker > direct to the login page.
  1. You will see that the most recently updated account among the matching accounts of the website URL will be autofilled. To prioritize another account, click the Locker favicon next to the email/username field.
  1. On the login list appearing, hover over the account you want to mark as the favorite > click the pin icon next to it.
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  1. The account will be moved to the top of the account list for that website. Next time you visit this website, the favorite account will be autofilled.
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