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Offline mode

Offline mode allows users to access their passwords and data in Locker without the Internet connection. Offline mode is currently available on the Locker mobile app (iOS and Android).

Access your data with offline mode

To access your data in offline mode, first, you must log in to your Locker account while connecting to the Internet. As long as you don’t log out of your account, from the next time, you can unlock your account and access the data easily when there is no Internet connection.

Note: Your vault will not be synced if your mobile device is in offline mode. The displayed data is the data saved from the last time your device was connected to the Internet.

Make changes to data when being offline

You can make changes to your items and folders (create, update or delete) when you are in offline mode. Any modifications you make will be saved locally on your mobile device, and will automatically sync with the Locker server once you regain an internet connection.

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