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Payment methods

Locker supports whether you purchase your Locker subscription on a browser or a mobile device.

Supported payment methods

On Locker web app

On Locker web app, we use Stripe as our payment processor. You may find the card brands supported by Stripe below:

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • China UnionPay (CUP)
  • Discover & Diners
  • eftpos Australia
  • Japan Credit Bureau (JCB)

Depending on locations, some card brand networks have limitations on supported currencies  that charges can be made with.

On Locker mobile app

On Locker mobile app, you can proceed with your payment via Apple Pay on an iOS device, or via Google Pay on an Android device.

See more about countries that support Apple Pay

See more about countries that support Google Pay

Change your payment method

You may want to change your current payment method from Stripe (on Locker web app) to Apple Pay or Google Pay (on mobile devices) and vice versa. In such cases, you can follow the instruction below:

  1. Cancel the current subscription:
  • On Web app or Desktop app, go to Settings > Plans & Billing > click Cancel subscription.
  • On mobile app, open App Store or Play Store > Profile menu > browse to the subscriptions section to cancel your current subscription.

After canceling the subscription, your account will not be downgraded until the end of the billing cycle.

  1. Start a new subscription on another device.

Add multiple payment methods

You can also add multiple cards on Web Vault to choose your preferred method.

  1. Log in to your Locker account on the web app
  1. Go to Settings > Plans & Billing. On the Payment methods section, click Add credit card
Notion image
  1. Enter your payment information, then click Save to add the new card.
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