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Import data from Keeper to Locker

Follow the following steps to move your passwords from Keeper to Locker.

Export from Keeper

You can export your Keeper data from its web app.

  1. Open the Keeper web app.
  1. Select My account menu in the top right corner > Settings > Export Data.
  1. Choose file format as CSV > Choose CSV.
  1. Enter your master password, then click on Export now.

Keeper will export your data into a XML file and your browser will automatically download it. Wait for the download to complete and then import this file into Locker.

Import to Locker

Web Vault

To import data to the web vault:

  1. Open Locker on your browser.
  1. Select Settings > Import/Export.
  1. Scroll down to the Import section.
  1. Select the format of the import file from the drop-down menu.
  1. Click Choose File and upload the import file on your device, or paste the import file contents in the underneath blank section.
  1. Click Import.

Your login credentials have been successfully imported from Keeper to the Locker vault.

Mobile Devices
  1. Open Locker app.
  1. Tap Menu > Settings > Import Data.
  1. Tap Format to select the right format of your import file.
  1. Tap Select File to upload the import file to the system.
  1. Tap Import Data.
Note: After successful import, you should delete the data export file in your local storage to ensure your data is safe in case your computer or phone is compromised.

Remove Keeper from your devices

After you've imported your data, you're ready to use Locker to manage your digital vault. Make sure to turn off or remove apps and extensions for any other password managers on your devices.

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