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Add a new domain to your company

Emails that use a domain name associated with a company can convey professionalism and enhance brand recognition. With the Add Domain feature, you can quickly and simply add members to Locker for Business.

All Primary Admins and Admins can update the domain names that are allowed to join the Locker for Business account.

To add a domain name in Locker for Business:

  1. Log into your Locker account.
  1. On the toolbar on the left side of the screen, select Manage domains.
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  1. Choose Add domain name
  1. When a domain-adding window appears, input the domain name you want to add and choose Continue.
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  1. Choose Verify to verify the domain name that has just been added. When the system shows the pop-up Successful verification window, it means that the process has finished.
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Note: If the system displays a pop-up window that says Error: Cannot verify the domain name, Locker's system will proceed to verified continuously for 24 hours. After 24 hours, if the domain name is yet to be verified, you will receive an email notifying that the domain name has failed to be verified. To re-add the domain, repeat the steps above.

  1. The newly added domain name will be displayed in the list of domains on the Manage domains screen. The domain name status will be subject to whether the verification process is successful or not, and correspondingly shows Verified or Not Verified.

Learn more about How to verify domains in Locker for Business

After the domain is added, any Locker accounts with that domain email (created before domain verification) will be automatically added to your Locker for Business account. At the same time, these members will also receive an email notifying that they have become a member of your Locker for Business.

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