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Verify domain names in Locker for Business

In Locker for Business, domain verification is an essential process that confirms ownership of a specific domain name. This verification step is mandatory when adding any new domains to Locker. All Primary Admins and Admins have permission to add and verify domain names in the Locker for Business package.

To verify the domain name in Locker with DNS records, follow the detailed instructions below:

  1. In the Domain Verification section in Locker for Business, copy the two existing Host/Key and Value values as shown in the image.
Notion image
  1. Go to the DNS nameserver manager you are using for the domain name. If you are using a nameserver from hostings such as Directadmin or Cpanel, then:
  • If you are using Directadmin, go to DNS Management.
  • If you are using Cpanel, go to Zone Editor.
  1. Then, add the record that has just been copied. Please input the values in the DNS record as follows:
  • Type: TXT.
  • Value: Value TXT (Host/Key and Value copied in Step 1)

Choose Add record to finish.

  1. In the last step to finish the domain verification process with DNS record, you can go back to Locker’s Verify domain interface and choose Verify to process the verification of the domain name.

Note: One domain name can only be verified by one business. After the domain name is verified, other businesses cannot verify the same domain name.

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