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An Introduction to Locker for Business

What is Locker for Business?

Locker for Business is a password management solution designed to secure data sharing and password usage among employees within an organization. By leveraging its advanced functionalities, Locker enables businesses to proactively mitigate cyber attacks that have become increasingly sophisticated in recent times.

Instances of cyber-attacks targeting businesses often stem from poor internal password management practices, coupled with employees' tendency to use weak and repeated passwords. It is worth highlighting that such weak password management triggers 80% of all security violation cases, according to statistics compiled by Verizon and corroborated by Locker.

In light of these findings, it is imperative that companies take proactive measures to mitigate their risk of data breaches by adopting cutting-edge solutions, like Locker for Business. This tool not only ensures safer digital experiences for users but also minimizes the burden on technical teams and simplifies the password management process for employees.

Main functions in Locker for Business

Locker for Business provides admins with specific functions and permissions to manage members more easily.

Monitor indexes

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On the Dashboard for Admin and Primary Admin, you can monitor the rate at which members join Locker through chats, including the following statuses: Verified, Requested, Invited and choose to Invite again if necessary.

With Dashboard for Admin and Primary Admin, you can easily monitor the rate at which members join Locker via chat, with key information such as their status (Verified, Requested, Invited), and allow you to invite new members as needed.

It also gives quick updates on information such as:

  • The number of people requesting to join your organization.
  • Account number in payment invoices.
  • The number of domain names to be reviewed.
  • The number of users locked due to multiple unsuccessful attempts to log in.
  • The number of members logging in daily.
  • The number of members with weak Master Password.
  • The number of members with more than one weak passwords.
  • The number of members with at least one leaked account.

Thanks to this, you can understand your organization’s security status, draw up suitable plans to secure employee accounts and increase the security level for your business.

Manage users

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Within Locker for Business, users are assigned one of three distinct roles based on their level of administrative access: Business User, Admin, or Primary Admin. (see details here).

In the User management category, as an Admin, or Primary Admin, you will have the following permissions:

  • Invite Business users to join your Locker for Business program via email, .CSV files or links to Google Workspace.
  • Check the invitation status of a user and resend it if necessary.
  • See the list of users joining the program.
  • See user details, such as the security status of each member, and the security level of passwords,…
  • Delete users to permanently retrieve their access to data storage when they lose their accounts or leave your organization.
  • Disable users to pause their access to data storage.
  • Grant permissions to Business users, Admin, or Primary Admin.
  • Filter users by their role, status,… to find and manage easily.

Customize groups

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The Group category in Locker for Business also allows you to categorize employees based on their department, job title, or other relevant criteria, depending on your needs, with functions such as:

  • Create group.
  • Edit group names.
  • Delete group if unnecessary.
  • Add members.
  • Delete members.

Manage domains

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The Domain Name Management feature within Locker for Business is designed to streamline the process of adding new members to your organization. With this function, you can easily add domain names associated with your organization, eliminating the need for manual input of individual email addresses. By adding domain names to the system, all emails associated with those domains will be automatically added to Locker for Business. This feature includes the following permissions:

  • Add domain.
  • Verify domain.
  • Delete domain.
  • Turn on automatic approval (only applicable to Primary Admin).
  • Turn off automatic approval (only applicable to Primary Admin).

Establish policy

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With the Add and Establish policy permission, Admins/ Primary admins can turn on/off or edit some policies, requests in Locker, such as:

  • Password policy: Including Password request policy (users are obliged to use strong passwords) and Master Password request policy (users are obliged to use strong Master Passwords)
  • Log-in policy: Including Blocking unsuccessful log-ins (blocking users with multiple unsuccessful log-in attempts) and Log-in with password policy (users need to have hardware security key to use this function).

Manage activities

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The Activity Log category within the Dashboard for Admin/Primary Admin provides a robust solution for tracking and monitoring user activity within your organization. This feature enables you to stay up-to-date on all organizational activities and helping you identify potential security vulnerabilities in real-time, thanks to functions such as:

  • See all recent user activities, such as invitations, log-ins, user statuses, role changes, policy violations…
  • Filter activities, so users can find and monitor them easily.
  • You can also export these logs as Excel files to measure the extent and frequency at which Locker is used to log in, with the Export Excel file function.


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In Settings category of the dashboard, you can edit and configure information related to payment activities and Locker account for your business, such as:

  • Delete business (only applicable to Primary Admin).
  • Edit business profile.
  • Edit plan (only applicable to Primary Admin).
  • Edit payment card (only applicable to Primary Admin).
  • Add payment card (only applicable to Primary Admin).
  • Download payment history.
  • See user changes.
  • Add payment email (only applicable to Primary Admin).
  • Edit payment address (only applicable to Primary Admin).

Start using Locker for Business

Data violations can have serious and costly consequences for businesses, with human factors accounting for 85% of these security breaches. It is imperative that businesses take proactive measures to safeguard their employees from data breach risks by implementing robust security solutions such as Locker for Business. Start here!

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