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Roles & Permissions of Locker for Business

Weak, reused, and stolen employee passwords are major contributors to data breaches in businesses. However, securing the passwords of hundreds or even thousands of employees can be a daunting task. Locker for Business is a powerful password management solution that ensures optimal security for businesses while remaining easy to manage – making it an ideal choice for any organization. With Locker for Business, you can customize your password policies and create groups to securely share passwords within your business network. As a member of the Locker for Business package, you will be assigned a specific role. To better understand these roles and their associated permissions, let's take a closer look at the three different roles available within Locker for Business.

Primary Admin
Primary Admin in Locker for Business. Has the highest authority in the business package.
Admin is below Primary Admin. Has all permissions, except for: Receive invoices and Delete organization in Locker.
Business User
Users in an organization. One user can only be in one organization. Has all the permissions of an individual user and other functionalities.

More specifically, each role will have the following permissions:

Business User

Is the role with lowest authority in Locker for Business.

Business Users within Locker for Business do not have any group-wide administrative permissions, and their role is primarily focused on managing their own data vaults.

In addition to the functions of an individual user, Business Users will have other functions, such as:

  • Share folders for a group.
  • Passwordless login - without Master Password.


Admins have the same permissions as Business users. Meanwhile, they are granted other high-authority administrative permissions such as:

  • Manage data storage.
  • View Dashboard.
  • Admins can create, edit, filter and delete groups.
  • Categorize users into groups by their departments and titles.
  • Add members to groups and adjust members' permissions.
  • Grant and retrieve members' access to data storage, as well as disable or delete their accounts as needed.
  • View the user list and user details.
  • Add, verify and delete domain names.
  • Add and establish policies.
  • See, filter and export activity logs as Excel files.
  • Edit business profile, download payment history and see member changes.

Thanks to these functions, employees can be easily tracked and managed.

Primary Admin

Primary Admin is the person with the highest authority in Locker for Business. In addition to having the same permissions as an Administrator, they are also granted specific authorization including the ability to pay invoices, recover accounts, and delete business accounts.

Those who create Locker for Business are designated to be Primary Admins by default and able to add more Admins at any time.

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