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Easy ways to share data with groups

In many businesses, it is common for different groups or departments to need access to multiple joint accounts and share internal documents. With Locker for Business, this task is simplified through the use of our powerful Group Sharing feature.

Who can share data with groups?

All members in Locker for Business can share saved items to an existing group.

Ways to share data with a group

To share data with a group, follow these steps:

Step 1: Click on the Share icon displayed on the right of the data you want to share.

Notion image

Step 2: Input the name of the group you want to share. The image illustrates that this user wants to share data with the group “marketing”. You can manage different permissions granted to the members in a group as View or Edit.

Notion image
Notion image

Step 3: Click the Share button. By now, you have successfully shared data with all the members of the group “marketing”.

You can view the shared data in Your Shares page. Here, you can edit the permission granted to the members of the group, or stop sharing with that group by clicking on the three-dot button next to the data.

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