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Manage billing details

Payment Management in Lockers for Businesses

Who can manage payment details?

As a Primary Admin, you can find all the information you need about payments in the Settings section of the Admin Dashboard. The Settings section will display information about your Locker for Business plan, payment information, as well as payment history. Additionally, you can also change your business Locker payment plan here.

The Administrator has the exclusive privilege to download payment invoices and view member changes

Guide to managing payment details

Payment management consists of 5 sections. Through these 5 sections, Primary Admin and Admin can manage and perform activities related to payments:

  1. Billing Information: Here you can view your billing information, update your billing address, and view your payment history.
  1. Payment Methods: This section allows you to manage your payment methods, add new payment methods, and delete existing ones.
  1. Invoices: In this section, you can view and download invoices for all payments made.
  1. Payment History: This section displays a history of all payments made.
  1. Subscription Management: This section allows you to manage your Locker subscription, change your subscription plan, and cancel your subscription.

1. Overview

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In the Overview section, you can view information about the Locker plan that your business is currently using and upcoming payment invoices, including the plan renewal date and the amount to be paid.

In the "Your Plan" section, you can also switch to a different plan if needed.

You can choose to pay monthly or yearly:

  • Monthly: You will receive monthly payment invoices one day before the first invoice date. This date does not have to be the first day of the month. The monthly payment plan for Locker for Business is priced at $8 per person per month.
  • Yearly: You will receive yearly payment invoices one day before the first invoice date. The yearly payment plan for Locker for Business offers a discounted price of $5 per person per month.

Learn more about changing payment plans in Locker for business.

2. History

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To view previous payment invoices, click on the "History" section. You will see a list of all invoices, including both paid and unpaid invoices. To view the details of an invoice, click on the invoice link and choose "Download" if you want to download the invoice to your device.

Learn more about managing payment history in Locker for business.

3. Member changes

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In the Change Members section, you will see any changes to members that affect the payment invoices for your Locker for Business plan, such as adding new members or marking members as inactive.

You can track user details, actions taken, and corresponding times here.

Learn more about managing member changes in Locker for business.

4. Payment methods

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This page allows you to add payment methods for your Locker plan for business. You can pay with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express, and rest assured during transactions. Locker uses Stripe - one of the leading payment gateways today for transactions without storing your information.

To add a payment method, update the details of your new card in the available form. To automatically use the card for future payments, click on it.

Learn more about changing payment methods in Locker for business.

5. Billing address

The Billing address section allows you to add a billing email and billing address for your Locker for Business subscription invoices.

Monthly/yearly subscription invoices will be sent to the email address you added as the billing contact. You can add or update the billing email in the Contact Information section.

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Additionally, you can also customize the information on your invoices, such as the company name or billing address, in the Billing Address section. Your information will be applied to all invoices from the time it is saved.

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Learn more about Managing Billing Addresses in Locker for Business

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