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Plans and Features of Locker for Business

Locker for Business currently offers two plans for businesses to choose from, Business Plan and Enterprise Plan. Each plan has different features that are suitable for different business purposes.

Business Plan

In the Business plan, there are two payment options to choose from, monthly and yearly payments, with costs of $5 and $8 per user, respectively.

Convenient Features Group

Users in Locker for Business have access to many utilities for logging in and managing information.

  1. Auto-Filled Information

When using the Internet, you access many different applications and must remember many passwords. When using Locker for Business, if you save these passwords, you can log in quickly for subsequent times without having to remember and re-enter the password.

In addition to passwords, users can also automatically fill in form information such as payment information or their address.

  1. FaceID & TouchID Login

Using FaceID and TouchID to log in to social media accounts helps users enhance the security of their accounts. When logging in with these two methods, hackers find it difficult to invade and steal users' important personal information.

In addition, logging in with FaceID & TouchID helps users access accounts quickly and easily without having to spend effort remembering all passwords.

  1. Unlimited Storage Capacity

When using Locker for Business, users can store a huge amount of information without being limited by storage capacity. You can freely store all information such as passwords, personal information, confidential notes, payment cards, digital assets, etc.

  1. Diverse Information Storage

Locker for Business allows users to store multiple types of data, from login information to credit card information, personal information, e-wallet addresses, etc.

  1. Exclude a certain number of URLs from automatic login information

In Locker for Business, you can remove some URLs that you do not want to automatically log in from the automatic login list. Once removed from the automatic login information, you log in to these websites by entering the password as usual.

  1. Multi-platform access

With this feature, you can use Locker for Business on many different device platforms. You can access Locker for Business via the web vault on your computer, through the IOS or Android app, or through the Chrome extension.

  1. Offline Access

You can access Locker for Business and view the information you have saved even when your device is offline.

  1. Information Management

Locker for Business allows users to easily manage their information, such as creating folders and categories to categorize and organize their stored data.

  1. Folder sharing

This feature allows users in the business to share folders with other users in the business.

  1. Import saved passwords from other password managers

When using other password managers, you can import the saved data from these applications into Locker for Business.

  1. Emergency login

In case a user forgets their password for Locker for Business, you can set up an emergency login to allow access to the application for the Gmail accounts you have added.

  1. Always have a support team

Whenever you have questions or encounter issues with your Locker for Business account, you can rely on the support team for assistance.

Security Feature Group

  1. Password Strength Check

With this feature, Locker for Business will check the strength of all user passwords and provide appropriate recommendations to enhance online account security.

  1. Data Breach Alert Tool

Users' online accounts will be scanned and alerted in the event of a data breach or cyberattack.

  1. Strong Password Generator

This tool helps users easily and quickly create strong passwords with high security. With randomly generated strong passwords from this tool, hacking into your account is impossible.

  1. Multi-Factor Authentication

With this feature, when you want to log in to your account on another device, you must perform two verification processes. Multi-factor authentication is a special non-password confirmation technology that helps secure access to information from all devices.

  1. Password Sharing

Users can quickly, efficiently, and safely share passwords with their groups.

Management feature group

  1. Admin dashboard

The dashboard provides you with basic information about your business such as member password security information, membership join rate, etc. quickly. From there, you can improve the effectiveness of managing your business.

  1. Customize groups for business management

Locker for Business allows you to divide employees according to purposes such as by department, by project, etc. for convenient management and improved work performance.

  1. Activity log

This feature allows you to track the activities of members and detect any abnormalities if they occur.

  1. Remove remote access to personnel accounts

When there are changes in personnel, you can easily remove their account from Locker for Business remotely.

  1. Unlimited data sharing across groups

To ensure data security and facilitate data sharing, Locker for Business has a feature to create groups and share information with a group. You can divide groups by project or by department for easy sharing of the necessary information.

Enterprise Plan

For the Enterprise plan, the price will be calculated flexibly based on the needs of the business.

This plan includes all the features of the Business plan and adds some additional features:

  1. Provides a command-line interface
  1. Management feature for individuals with viewing and management rights
  1. Builds a private platform under the customer's name
  1. Supports setting up large-scale company-wide teams from the Customer Support team
  1. Integrates with common identity providers such as Google and Azure
  1. Advanced multi-layer authentication mode (expands authentication without passwords for end devices such as workstations, virtual internal network systems, and identification platforms - along with corresponding policies).

You can learn more and compare the differences between the Business and Enterprise plans here.

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