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How to configure a password policy in Locker for Business

In Locker for Business, you can configure a password policy to enhance security for members and the business itself.

To configure a password policy:

Step 1: On the toolbar on the left side of the screen, choose Policy.

Step 2: Password policy will appear on the screen interface.

Notion image

In the Password policy, you can activate Password requirements and Master Password requirements.

Password Requirements

To activate password requirements, click on the slider on the side and Password requirements configuration will appear.

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You can adjust the minimum password length by dragging the slider to the number of characters at your discretion. Regarding password complexity, you can require the members to meet all of the criteria shown, or only some of them, by checking the corresponding boxes.

After completing the password requirements, choose Save.

Master Password requirements

To activate the Master Password requirements, you also click on the slider on the side and Master Password requirements will appear.

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Similar to password requirements, you can also mandate a certain number of criteria, such as length and complexity at your discretion. After completing the Master Password requirements, choose Save.

Step 3: You can turn on/ off the requirements by using the slider on the side.

Step 4: To edit the login policy requirements, choose Edit below each requirement and make the necessary changes.

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