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Add new members to a workspace

After creating an account, Primary Admin and Admin can add members to Locker at any time. To get started, please access the Enterprise Dashboard and add members to Locker using one of the two methods below:

When your business does not have a domain or has a small number of members

In case your business does not have a domain or has a small number of members in the company, you can invite members to Locker by following these steps:

  1. Select the Members section in the sidebar.
  1. Click on Invite user.
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  1. You can invite people by entering their email addresses, uploading a file, or linking to G Suite. After each account is set up, you can confirm them on the same page.
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Method 1: Invite people by manually entering their emails

To invite people, enter their email addresses into the box. You can enter multiple emails by separating them with commas (,).

Here, you can also choose the role of the invited person when joining the Locker by clicking on the column next to it and selecting Member or Admin.

Learn more about assigning roles for members in Locker for Enterprises

Then click Add to complete adding the member.

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Invitations sent via email will remain valid and only become invalidated if a Primary Admin/Admin cancels the invitation or the user's email is invalid, or the business cancels Locker Business.

However, you can still resend invitations at any time if necessary.

Method 2: Invite people by uploading a file

To invite multiple people at once, you can invite them by uploading a file. This method will be faster than having to manually enter each email.

To invite people by uploading a file:

  1. In the Add members window, select Upload file
  1. You can drag and drop the file into the box or upload a list of members from your device. (Note: The file must be in CSV format)
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To facilitate the process and make it faster, you can refer to the template provided by Locker by selecting Download sample template.

Then click Add to complete the process of adding members.

Method 3: Invite people with G Suite

To invite members using G Suite, you can follow these steps:

  1. At the Invite Members window, select Or invite via G Suite
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2. The interface will switch to the G Suite Authen page.

3. After successfully authenticating G Suite with your Google account, select Continue.

4. Select the members you want to invite and their roles when joining Locker from your Google directory. Then press Add.

When there is a request to join from a member, the system will automatically approve it.

However, if you do not have a G Suite account, you will not be able to access the link above and invite members in this way.

Note: If the member does not have a Locker account, they will be redirected to the account creation page. If the member already has a Locker account, the existing account will be joined to your group.

When your business has its own email domain

If your business has its own email domain, you can add members quickly with the Add Domain feature.

Anyone with an email domain that you have added to the list of domains allowed in Locker can be automatically added to your business's Locker account.

For example, if your business has a domain name of, then after the domain is added, all members with that domain will be automatically added.

Learn more about Adding domains in Locker for Business

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