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Deactivate the account of a member in Locker for Business

An account that has been added to Locker for Business can still be disabled. When a member's account is disabled, they will not be able to use features such as sharing folders with the group or viewing shared information within the group,…

Who can disable a member's account?

Primary Admins and Admins can perform this action.


Here are detailed instructions on how to disable a member's account in Locker for business:

Step 1: Select Members on the left-hand toolbar.

Step 2: The list of members and their corresponding information will appear in the table. Click on the Activity section.

Notion image

Step 3: Scroll horizontally to the right-hand side of the table. At the end of each member's information row, there will be three dots.

Step 4: Click on the three dots next to the member whose account you want to disable, and select Disable.

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You have successfully disabled the member's account when the Success notification appears on the main screen (the status has changed to Inactive).

The member with a disabled account will receive a notification email after you have successfully disabled their account.

You can track the disabled member accounts in the Disabled section.

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