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Infrastructure dependencies


Locker secrets uses SQLite or MySQL as its main database. Many cloud providers (such as AWS and GCP) host reliable MySQL services which you may consider for this purpose. A well-supported MySQL Docker image also exists if you would rather run MySQL in a container. For more information on how to configure Locker secrets to use the correct MySQL instance, see the Configuration document.

Locker secrets requires at least MySQL version 5.7, and is tested using the InnoDB storage engine.


Locker secrets uses Nginx to forward requests to the service running inside container. Besides it helps secure the connection between Locker secrets web and Locker secrets API. You can use any other load balancer software such as HAProxy or cloud providers service like AWS ELB.

TLS certificate

In order for client and server to communicate securely, the connection between them must use TLS. The TLS connection will be terminated by a proxy serving traffic to Locker secrets.

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