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Create, edit, and delete projects

A project refers to a collection of secrets and environments that are stored together logically and securely within the Locker Secrets Manager and can be accessed by your development team members.

Note: A workspace may contain multiple projects.

Create a project

Log in to your Locker account, and access the workspace where you want to create a new project. If you use the Self-hosted version, you can access only one workspace.

  1. Click the New Project button.
Notion image
  1. Enter the project name and add a description if you want. Then click the Create button.
Notion image

The newly created project will appear on the Project screen.

Notion image

Edit a project information

  1. Click to open the project you would like to update the information for.
  1. Click Project Info on the left navigation bar.
Notion image
  1. On the Project Info tab, click the Edit button.
Notion image
  1. Edit the project name or description, then click Save to update.

Delete a project

  1. To delete a project, open the project you want to delete > click the Project Info tab as above.
  1. Click the Delete button.
Notion image
  1. On the popup appearing, click the Delete button to confirm. The project and all secrets inside will be deleted permanently.
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