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Manage workspace members on Cloud Secrets Manager

With a Cloud account of Locker Secrets Manager, you can create your own workspace and invite other Locker users to your workspace. This helps you and your team collaborate effectively during the development process.

Invite members to a workspace

  1. Open a workspace you want to invite members to by clicking the Profile Menu > Workspace > Choose a workspace.
Note: You can only add members to workspaces that are created by you.
  1. On the left navigation bar, open Settings > open the Members tab > Click the New Member button.
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  1. Enter the email of the new member. You can add multiple emails at once.
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  1. Click the Invite button.

The invited members will receive an email notification and be added directly to your workspace.

View member list

The list of added workspace members appears on the Members screen. You can view their email address and other information.

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Remove members from a workspace

  1. To remove a member from your workspace, go to the Members tab as above.
  1. Click the Trash icon corresponding to the member.
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  1. On the popup window appearing, click the Delete button to confirm.
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