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What is Locker Secrets Manager?

What is Locker Secrets Manager?

Locker is a secrets manager that lets you store, manage, and access sensitive information such as passwords, API keys, tokens, certificates, and more. Whether you are an IT student, professional developer, or business owner, Locker is here to help.

Locker provides easy-to-use but comprehensive solutions to encrypt your secrets, audit their usage, and revoke them anytime needed.

Create a new account

To start with Locker, simply go to the Registration page, create an account, and a unique Master Password to access your secrets dashboard.

Note: If you have signed up for a CyStack account, it means you are able to access all available services at CyStack (including Locker) with that account. See our services here.

You can also register for Locker Secrets Manager with an Apple account, Google account, Github account or Facebook account.

Explore basic features

Store and secure secrets

Add passwords, API keys, tokens, certificates, and more to Locker and keep them safe by encrypting all at rest and in transit.

Access secrets and audit access logs

Create access keys to gain access to your secrets with Locker CLI or Locker SDKs. Manage their usage right from your Dashboard and regenerate or deactivate the keys when needed.

Work with team members in a common workspace

Add other Locker users to your workspace, or join a workspace for easy collaboration and management.

And many more features waiting for you to experience.

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