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In addition to offering users an option of managing their confidential data with the Vault and security keys, Locker enables users to create Organizations or User Groups for sharing confidential data among group members.

An Organization can be a family, a team, a company, or any other type of group that wants to manage the sharing of confidential data. Similar to the features of personal Vault, data managed and shared in Organizations can be related to Login credentials, Identity, Credit Cards, Private Notes, and Crypto Wallets.

Security and authenticity when retrieving data in an Organization and sharing data among its members are ensured with an RSA Key Pair, which comprises a Public Key and a Private Key, under the RSA-2048 standard.

Organization Owner

The user that initializes an Organization is referred to as the Organization Owner. The Organization Owner can invite users to the Organization to become Organization Members and share private data in the Organization Vault, as long as those users have already registered their own Locker accounts. The Organization Owner can also assign permissions to Members to define and limit their ability to access and manage data in the Organization Vault.

Organization Member

After creating a Locker account, a user can be invited to be an Organization Member in one or many Organizations. After being authenticated and becoming a member of an Organization, the user is assigned access permissions and can request data retrieval in the Organization Vault.

Obviously, the user can create one or many different Organizations then become the Organization Owner, and invites other users to join and share private data in the Organization Vault.

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