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Store 2FA recovery codes in Locker

Online service providers often provide a recovery code that allows you to regain access to your account if you lose your 2FA code. This recovery code can be stored safely in Locker as a note, or an extra field to the account’s login information.

Follow the instructions below to store a 2FA recovery code in Locker.

  1. Find the 2FA recovery code for the site/service you want to store. It is usually found in Settings > Security > 2FA methods section.
    1. Below is an example of GitHub recovery code.

      Notion image
  1. Click a corresponding button to reveal the recovery code, then copy the code.
    1. Notion image
      Note: You may need to verify yourself with a password, or a 2FA code first to get the recovery code.
    2. Log in to Locker on any platform (web browser, mobile app, desktop app, or extension), then start to save the recovery code:
    3. Save the recovery code in a note

      • Click Add new or the + icon to add a new note.
      • On the note creation form, enter the item name, then paste the recovery code.
      • Click the Add button to save the code in Locker.
        • Notion image

      Save the recovery code to the respective login in Locker

      If you have stored your account information in Locker, you can also add the 2FA recovery code as an extra field to that account’s login for easier management.

      • Click on the password whose the 2FA code you want to store, and choose the Edit option.
        • Notion image
      • On the password edit form, scroll down until you see the note field.
      • Paste the recovery code to the Notes field. Or you can also click the New custom field button to add a new text field > then paste the recovery code.
        • Notion image
      • Click the Update button to save the recovery code.
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