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Set up SMTP Email Settings

On self-hosted Locker Password Manager, Super Admin can set up SMTP Email to automatically send any notification to all business users via email address.

Set up Integration

An SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) email provider is a service or server that allows users to send outgoing email messages. When integrated with an SMTP service, your self-hosted Locker server is capable of sending system emails to your users.

  1. On the web app, Super Admin clicks on the personal profile menu on the top left of the screen > clicks on Enterprise Manager.
  1. Then click the Email Settings button on the left navigation bar.
  1. Choose an email provider on the list. Locker currently supports SendGrid and SMTP-standard providers.
Notion image
  1. Enter the From Email address, which is the default address that emails will be sent from, and a From name for that email address if you wish.
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  1. Fill in the fields of information retrieved from your SMTP Provider.
    1. SendGrid

      Enter the API Key retrieved from your SendGrid account. See how to get the API Key.

      Notion image

      SMTP Provider

      • Choose a provider from the SMTP provider list. The common Host and Port of that provider will be automatically filled in.
      Notion image
      • Enter the Username, Password retrieved from the SMTP provider.
      Notion image
  1. Click the Save button to save the SMTP Settings.

Send test email

Now you can send a test email to make sure that the SMTP is ready for email sending.

  1. Click the Send test email button.
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  1. On the popup appearing, enter the email address that you would like to send the test email to > click Send.
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  1. If a test email is sent to the address, you can rest assured that the SMTP is ready now. If not, you need to re-check the configuration or check your account on the SMTP provider side.

Reset Email Settings

If you would like to stop using your SMTP server to send system emails to your users, you can change to another SMTP, or reset the settings.

  1. Click the Reset button at the bottom of the SMTP Settings screen.
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  1. On the popup appearing, click the Reset button to confirm. Now you and your users no longer receive email notifications.
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