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What is Locker Password Manager?

Locker Password Manager (also referred to as Locker) is a cross-platform password management solution: Locker can be used as a Web, Mobile, Browser Extension, and Desktop application.

Locker is designed to help Users and Organizations manage their confidential data, especially login credentials including passwords. However, to be able to access and decrypt the data in Locker, users need to memorize ONLY one item: their Master Password.

Decrypting user data requires three components: Master Password, Encryption Keys, and user-encrypted Vault data. Multiple methods can be used to protect each component and each method faces its own particular threats. By requiring a high level of security in all three components, user data is secured by combining the best features of each. Master Password and Encryption Keys are two secret elements for Two-secret-key Derivation (2SKD), is used in encryption and (data-retrieving) decryption.

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The Developer - CyStack

Locker Password Manager was developed by CyStack, one of the leading cybersecurity companies in Vietnam. CyStack is a member of the Vietnam Information Security Association (VNISA) and the Vietnam Association of CyberSecurity Product Development. CyStack is a partner providing security solutions and services for many large domestic and international enterprises.

CyStack’s research has been featured at the world’s top security events such as BlackHat USA (USA), BlackHat Asia (Singapore), T2Fi (Finland), XCon - XFocus (China)... CyStack experts have been honoured by global corporations such as Microsoft, Dell, Deloitte, D-link...

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