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Create and manage subsidiaries in your business

Subsidiaries refer to the collaborative spaces of business users. A business can have many subsidiaries, and the subsidiaries are independent of each other.

Note: Subsidiaries are managed by Super Admin - the person with the highest administrative rights in the business.

Create a new subsidiary

The Super Admin can create subsidiaries that belong to their business.

  1. On the web app, Super Admin opens the profile menu on the top left of the screen> click the Enterprise Manager button to open the Administration page.
  1. Super Admin is navigated to the Subsidiaries page.
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      Note: Super Admin will see the first subsidiary created by the system with the name My Enterprise. The Super Admin account belongs to this subsidiary by default. The Super Admin can edit this subsidiary’s information.
  1. Super Admin clicks the New Company button, fills in the required information including subsidiary name and description.
  1. Super Admin click the Save button to create.
  1. After successful creation, the newly created subsidiary will appear in the list.

Next, the Super Admin can create new users belonging to the new subsidiary and grant administration rights to this user. See instructions here.

Edit subsidiary information

To edit any subsidiary information, the Super Admin follows these instructions:

  1. In the list of subsidiaries, click on the pencil symbol corresponding to the subsidiary you want to edit.
  1. Edit the requested information including subsidiary name and description.
  1. Click the Save button to save the changes.
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