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Security policy in Locker for Business

In today's world, the risk of user information being leaked has become widespread. One major contributor to this problem is that many businesses still have weak security policies in place for their accounts. Therefore, it is crucial that businesses implement a strict security policy to safeguard against potential breaches.

So what is a security policy? What types of security policy are there? How to configure a security policy? Let's learn the security policy in Locker for Business in the article below.

What is the Security policy?

A security policy is a critical tool for businesses to protect their valuable information from the constant threat of cyber attacks. By implementing well-defined security requirements, businesses can enhance their overall information security structure, which benefits both their users and the organization itself.

Locker for Business provides you with robust security policies that enable you to establish mandatory password and login requirements for your employees. These essential security measures help to strengthen your employees' account security and restrict potential attacks by hackers.

Security policy in Locker for business

In Locker for Business, there are 2 policies: password policy and login policy.

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1. Password Policy

In order to minimize the risk of members in Locker for Businesses having their private information compromised, which affects both individual and organizational activities, businesses can configure a password policy.

Password policy has requirements such as obliging users to use strong passwords or strong Master Passwords to enhance the security of the user accounts.

With password requirements, businesses can configure requirements such as minimum password length or password complexity. Once successfully configured, these requirements will apply to all passwords in the member's vault.

Similarly, with Master Password, businesses can also oblige members to use strong Master Passwords to prevent hackers from compromising their accounts.

Refer to how to configure password policy here.

2. Login Policy

Hackers can break into a user's account by trying different passwords multiple times until they find the correct password. To prevent such attacks, businesses can enable the login policy.

You can limit the number of unsuccessful login attempts to prevent hackers from trying different password sequences. Locker for Businesses allows businesses to set the maximum number of unsuccessful login attempts in any period of time and the authority to set the period of time after which the account is blocked.

In addition, in the login policy, businesses in Locker can require users to use passwordless login. An online and quick verification approach instead of a password will help users log in more quickly and eliminate cases of accounts being hacked or faked.

Refer to how to configure a login policy here.

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