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Set up a Super Admin account

When setting up Locker for business on a Self-hosted server, business administrators need to register an account to start administering their business.

Note: The first account created in the business is the Super Admin account by default. The Super Admin has the highest authority throughout the business. This right cannot be changed.

Follow the instructions below to create a Super Admin account:

  1. On the web browser, access the URL leading to the business's Locker Self-hosted page.
  1. On the account registration page, enter email, create a password for the account and clicks the Create button.
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  1. After successfully creating a Super Admin account, you will be navigated to your personal vault.
Note: When the Super Admin account is created, a subsidiary belonging to the business is automatically created at the same time. The Super Admin account belongs to this subsidiary by default.
  1. Super Admin click the profile menu on the top left of the screen, then click the Enterprise Manager button.
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  1. The Super Admin is navigated to the business management page. At this page, Super Admin can perform functions including:
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