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Get to know Locker on Linux

Locker is available with the Desktop app version on Linux. Explore how to add, save and fill items and more with the Locker Desktop app.

Download Locker on Linux

Import data

If you already have saved login credentials in a web browser or in other password managers, you are able to transfer data directly to Locker. Refer to our Import guides to help import your data from:

Add, edit, and delete items

When you sign in to Locker on Web Vault, you will be directed to the All tab in Inventory. Here you can browse all items in your vault, including passwords, notes, cards, and identities. Items are also sorted according to type.

  • To add your first item, select Add new > click on the item type you want to add. Then enter details and click Add.
Notion image
  • To edit an item, select the menu
Notion image

> click Edit to edit the item details. Then click Update to save the new details.

  • To send an item to the Trash, tap the menu
Notion image

> select Delete or on the Edit section, select the Trash icon.

Learn more about Vault items

Set up 2FA

Learn how to set up 2FA for Locker account

Lock and unlock

When you are done using Locker, you can lock the app by clicking on the triangle button next to your username. Then, select Lock your account.

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You can also go to Settings > Account. In the tab Preferences, click Lock.

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To unlock Locker, enter your Master password.

Learn more about Master password

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